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Women Who Rise: Celebrating Financial Independence on International Women's Day

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Blog by Hazira Begum


As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the strength and resilience of women in our communities. I've had the privilege of working with many women who have overcome financial challenges, and their determination is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, financial independence is often a key element that’s missing from the lives of many women I've worked with as a debt advisor, and it's heart breaking to see the impact this can have on their lives.


To celebrate this year, I've started to ask myself how financial challenges have impacted my life and how I've overcome them. As a British Bangladeshi woman who grew up in a single-mother family and cared for a schizophrenic grandmother, I understand the importance of financial independence first hand. My mother instilled in me and my sisters the value of being financially independent, and I see it as a crucial aspect of empowerment. This is a lesson that women from all backgrounds can benefit from, and it's something that I'm passionate about promoting. So, I'd love to carry on this conversation and encourage you to share your answer to this question: How have financial challenges impacted your life, and how have you overcome them? Let's celebrate and inspire each other on this International Women's Day.


Practical Steps for women to achieve financial independence:

  • Starting small is a great way to begin increasing financial independence
  • Educating yourself on financial planning and budgeting can help you make informed decisions and set achievable goals
  • Living below your means and tracking your spending can also help you save money
  • Regularly reviewing your payslips, understanding your employment contract, and keeping track of your hours worked are important steps to ensure that you are receiving the correct income
  • Checking for errors and notifying your employer or payroll department promptly can help you avoid financial losses
  • Checking your eligibility criteria for benefits and keeping accurate records of personal details, income, and expenses is important
  • Regularly reviewing your benefits can help you ensure that you are receiving the correct amount
  • Seeking professional assistance whenever you are unsure or have concerns is crucial


International Women's Day is a beautiful reminder to celebrate the strength and resilience of women in our communities. Unfortunately, financial independence is often lacking in the lives of many women. Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone to spread the importance of taking practical steps towards achieving financial independence.


You can do this by:


  1. Sharing an inspirational quotes and stories about women who have achieved financial independence on social media and use the hashtag #WomenWhoRise
  2. Promote events or webinars related to financial literacy and independence for women
  3. Share tips and resources for financial planning and budgeting, such as links to articles, videos, or podcasts


Thank you for reading my blog! 


Let's continue to celebrate and inspire each other not just on International Women's Day but every day.


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