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London’s debt advice partnership relaunches as Debt Free Advice to help more Londoners out of debt

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Debt Free Advice (formerly known as Capitalise) is making its service easier to find, understand and use. It has helped over 250,000 people since launching in 2006, however, debt is still a growing problem across the capital.

The change to Debt Free Advice says exactly what we want to achieve for Londoners seeking help with debt. For that reason, the new campaign enables the service to be a much more obvious destination for those searching for help online.

Debt Free Advice will officially launch on 29th April with a new, simpler website. Alongside the website, we are launching an advertising campaign on 700 buses, DLR trains and online adverts on Facebook and Instagram.

London is one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in and work and therefore debt is a much more common issue than many think; virtually anyone can experience money problems at any time. There are almost 1.3 million adults who are struggling to make ends meet across London, it is a growing problem. To date, Debt Free Advice’s expert advisers have supported over 250,000 over-indebted Londoners.

Examples of money problems that Debt Free Advice’s people have helped resolve include illness, meaning that people cannot work; unexpected emergency property repairs; benefits overpayments and unexpectedly high utility bills. It can also help with credit and store-card, rent, council tax and almost any other debt issues.

Debt Free Advice’s service is completely free. If you have worries about a debt you can call free on 0808 164 2480 for a brief assessment to establish the nature and urgency of the debt. If required, Debt Free Advice will arrange a face-to-face appointment or a telephone advice session. 

As a result, Debt Free Advice will discuss options with you and talk through the pros and cons of each and tailored solutions for each specific situation. Debt Free Advice helps resolve debts when an appropriate, tailored solution is established. This could include advocacy, representation and negotiation with creditors. We can also assist with letter writing and ongoing support throughout the resolution process.

The organisations that are part of the Debt Free Advice partnership provide free face-to-face debt advice in different areas of London. Our partners have all been awarded a recognised Specialist Quality Mark to provide debt advice at casework or specialist level.

Debt Free Advice is backed by the Government’s Money & Pensions Service. For advice call 0808 164 2480 or visit our website www.debtfreeadvice.
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