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Pride 2022

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Types of Debt

We can help with all debt and money problems, but these are some of the more
common issues we see. Find out more about the types of debt you might be 

Rent Arrears

In London – where rents are amongst the highest in the UK – thousands of people struggle to pay their landlords every month.

Council Tax

This is the most common type of debt we see. Last year, a third of those we helped had fallen behind with Council Tax payments.

Credit or Store Cards

It's easy to fall behind on your credit or store card payments. Last year, over a quarter of those we helped owed on their cards.

Utility Bills

No-one should have to go without heating or electricity at any time. Get help to repay your utility debt now before these vital services are cut off.

Benefit Overpayments

People are often paid too much benefit – either because their circumstances have changed, or due to a simple mistake, but paying this back can be far from easy.

How we'll help you


Whether start your journey to becoming debt free on the phone, or at one of our 55 locations across London, you'll follow a straightforward advice process giving you a clear picture of how to deal with your debts.

We’ll use the information you’ve given us on the phone or in your assessment form to establish the nature and urgency of your debt.

We’ll book you in for a face-to-face appointment at your nearest centre, or a telephone advice session if required, so we can give you a detailed analysis of the help available to you.

We’ll discuss your options and talk through the pros and cons of each.

We’ll establish the best possible solution and help you to resolve your debt – whether that’s by means of advocacy, representation, or by helping you write letters and supporting you throughout the process.

Our Ambassadors

Baga Chipz

“I am really pleased and honoured to support such an amazing and worth-while cause, especially during Pride Month to launch the dedicated helpline. Such an amazing way to help the LQBTQIA+ community. Now that’s much betta!”

Michael Gunning

"Pride is a special month because it allows individuals to communicate and celebrate authenticity, whilst creating a safe space for all of our differences. By sharing a problem, we automatically halve the weight it carries. There is a lot of power in unity and Debt Free London embodies the same clear message, that no one is truly alone. Everyone has their own struggles, and I'm proud to be a helping hand in supporting such a great helpline for the community this pride month."


"I have heard awful stories of ongoing suffering and stress and think it is brilliant that Debt Free London are reaching out to help so many people struggling in our great City. People often mistake the LGBTQ+ community as being extremely wealthy with disposable incomes a party life styles and Pink Pound Power, which is silly. Having someone to speak to when you are feeling overwhelmed and getting some calm advice can actually change your perspective and give you some ideas or at the very least buy you some time so that your emotions and fears do not escalate."