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Empowering young minds at Debt Free Advice

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Empowering young minds at Debt Free Advice

The importance of financial literacy cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to imparting this knowledge to young adults. Teaching financial literacy from an early age is essential as it provides them with the fundamental skills necessary to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives. By introducing concepts like budgeting, saving, investing and responsible spending at an early stage, we empower children with the tools required to navigate the increasingly complex financial terrain they'll encounter as adults.

Last week, Debt Free Advice had the pleasure of hosting four talented students – Samuel, Harry, Yasmin and Louis from Hall Mead School for their work experience. This opportunity allowed us to showcase the various departments of Toynbee Hall and Debt Free Advice, with a particular focus on the importance of practical financial education.

Throughout the week, each student immersed themselves in different aspects of Debt Free Advice. Yasmin collaborated with the data insight team on a project, blending creativity in data visualisation with the precision of data analysis. Reflecting on her experience, Yasmin remarked, "It was a fantastic opportunity to merge creative and analytical skills while honing my proficiency in data analysis and Excel."

Louis had the opportunity to work closely with Toynbee Hall’s finance department, shadowing staff members, gaining valuable insights and tips for navigating the world of finance. Louis expressed "It's been an enriching experience observing the dedicated staff and financial experts, who are always ready to offer guidance and support, especially during challenging tasks."

Samuel and Harry both took part in directing and leading a podcast on understanding financial literacy. “With the help of Yasmin we set up the place and asked the Money Coach questions about what he does. We found out about credit and how it is important to have a good credit score.”

At Debt Free advice we advocate for financial literacy regardless of age however we do feel that cultivating this mindset at a young age helps students like Yasmin, Harry, Louis and Samuel to understand their future financial responsibility, helping them to mitigate the risk of financial hardship and promoting long-term financial well-being.

From everyone at Debt Free Advice we’d like to say it was a great pleasure to have four brilliant minds from Hall Mead School during their work experience and thank you for your hard work.